Terms and Conditions(Pre-registration)
Collection and purpose of personal information, retention and use period of personal information, management of provision to third parties for entrustment of handling personal information, information on holding the next exhibition and receiving free invitations to related exhibitions
A. Membership information collected through ES membership registration is collected and used for the purpose of establishing and implementing contracts for service provision (identification of members and exhibition visitors, information on new services and exhibitions or events, and member management (complaint handling, notification, etc.)

B. In order to provide convenient and diverse services to members, the company can advertise or market various notification services provided by the company by general mail, e-mail, SMS (cell phone text message), Kakao notification talk, and service PUSH notification. In this case, if the member does not want to receive the service, he may refuse the service by notifying the exhibition secretariat by wire or by notification.

C. Items for collecting personal information: Personal information collected by the company shall be the minimum necessary for providing services, but additional information may be requested if necessary. The company receives the following personal information items as mandatory entries from members on the membership screen. The personal information of members excluding the required input items listed below is classified as optional input. - Required items: phone number (ID), e-mail, name, year of birth, gender, residential area, etc

D. When collecting user's personal information, the company must obtain the user's consent and does not collect information that may violate basic human rights, such as race, origin, birthplace, ideological and political orientation, criminal records, and health status, unless it is in accordance with the user's consent or laws.

E. The company may collect personal information in the following ways:

- Home page, phone, customer center contact (wired/email), pre-/site registration, event entry, affiliate services, mobile applications, others

F. Sketch photos and videos are taken at the exhibition site, which can be used as promotional/marketing materials for the exhibition. For marketing utilization, the user may request the company to withdraw the utilization at any time after the advance/post.
In principle, the company retains and uses the user's personal information only for the notified and agreed period, and destroys it without delay when the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved. However, the following information shall be preserved for the reason and period specified together.

A. Reasons for holding information under relevant laws and regulations

If it is necessary to preserve it under the provisions of related laws, such as the Commercial Act, the Consumer Protection Act, etc. in e-commerce, etc., the company keeps member information for a certain period of time prescribed by the relevant laws. In this case, the company uses the stored information only for the purpose of storage, and the retention period is as follows.

① Contract for services such as exhibition hall, meeting room rental, etc.: 5 years

Hold it until the end of the period if it falls under the following reasons: 1) Records on transactions, such as indication, advertisement, contract details, and performance, etc. under the Act on the Protection of Consumers in Electronic Commerce, etc.
- Record of display and advertisement: 6 months
- Supply record of contract or subscription withdrawal, payment, goods, etc.: 5 years
- Records on handling consumer complaints or disputes: 3 years

2) Books and evidentiary documents concerning all transactions prescribed by the Tax Act under the National Tax Standards Act: 5 years

② Use of exhibition pre-/site registration records and marketing advertisements: 5 years
③ Details of rejection of marketing advertisements for exhibition: 10 years
④ Membership and management of ES membership (buyer membership) website: Immediately upon withdrawal of membership

B. The user's personal information will be destroyed without delay after the purpose of collection and use is achieved. In addition, upon revocation of consent, the company shall destroy the user's personal information without delay except for the data stored for a certain period of time according to the reasons for holding the information stated above, and instruct the trustee to destroy the personal information if entrusted to a third party.

C. Personal information printed on paper is destroyed by crushing or incineration with a grinder, and personal information stored in the form of an electronic file is destroyed using a technical method that cannot be recorded.
[Content of consignment work]

■ Esang Networks Co., Ltd.: Homepage maintenance, server management, and data processing work
■ Suwon Messe Co., Ltd.: Provide information on affiliate events and promotion/marketing
■ Kakao Commerce: Promoting affiliated events/events and services/providing marketing information

A. The company uses users' personal information within the scope notified by the "Personal Information Collection and Use Items and Purpose" and does not use it beyond the scope without the user's prior consent or, in principle, provide the user's personal information to a third party. However, exceptions are made in the following cases.
① Users have agreed to disclose or provide to a third party in advance
② Where there is a request from investigators and supervisory authorities in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations or in accordance with the procedures and methods prescribed in the Act for investigation or investigation purposes;

B. The company may entrust the handling of personal information to others for smooth and improved services.
C. Consignment processing information is limited to the minimum information necessary to provide smooth service.
D. In order to safely manage personal information in a consignment contract, we stipulate and manage compliance with personal information protection laws, confidentiality of personal information, prohibition of providing to third parties, liability in case of accident, consignment period, and obligation to return or destroy personal information after processing. E. Information will be provided to the Participant in the following cases and will not be used for any purpose other than company and product guidance for the Participant. The choice of offering is with the visitor.
① Allowing participants to collect barcodes issued at the time of entry to the scanning equipment is considered an implied consent to provide the observer's registration information to the relevant company.
② If the exhibition is pre-registered through the online banner posted on the participant's website, the personal information of the applicant may be provided to the participant.

F. The collected information is part of the international exhibition certification system operated by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, and can be provided to the Korea Exhibition Industry Promotion Association (AKEI).

[Personal Information Management Manager]

The company is doing its best to ensure that users can use the company's services safely. Users can report all personal information protection complaints related to the use of the company's service to the person in charge of personal information management or the dedicated department, and the company responds quickly and sincerely to users' reports.

[Personal Information Management Director]

Name: Lee Sang-taek
Position: Vice President
Email: stlee.es@esgroup.net

[Personal Information Management Manager]

Name: Lee Sung Hwan
Position: Solution Team Leader
Email: lsh.es@esgroup.net

In principle, you may not agree to collect personal information under the Personal Information Protection Act. However, if you do not agree, please note that you cannot enter the exhibition free of charge by applying for free viewing.
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