Hosted by Korea’s biggest buyer, Korean Hospital Association &
Korea’s biggest exhibition group, MESSE ESANG!
Korean Hospital Association
Since its establishment in 1959, the Korean Hospital Association has put in great effort to develop the hospital industry and promote national health. The Korean Hospital Association is a legal group under medical law representing 3,386 hospitals around the nation, with a scale total of 618,482 sickbeds. It is at the heart of all medical organization networks and engages in various hospital related activities. In order to provide the best medical services, they conduct various trainings and evaluations, such as appointment and management of majors, education for guidance specialists and hospital evaluations. The Korean Hospital Association promotes co-existence and strengthening competitiveness among hospital officials and the hospital beds industry through K-HOSPITAL+HEALTH TECH FAIR with HIMSS.
3,468 NO. of hospitals nationwide
630,122 NO. of hospital beds nationwide
City / Province Hospital Associations
– Seoul Hospital Association
– Incheon Hospital Association
– Gyeonggi Hospital Association
– Daejeon∙ Sejong∙ Chungnam Hospital Association
– Chungbuk Hospital Association
– Daegu∙ Gyeongbuk Hospital Association
– Ulsan∙ Gyeongnam Hospital Association
– Busan Hospital Association
– Gwangju∙ Jeonnam Hospital Association
– Jeonbuk Hospital Association
– Gangwon Hospital Association
– Jeju Hospital Association
Hospital Associations by Function
– Korea Small & Medium Hospital Association
– Korean Special Hospital Association
– Korea Association of Geriatric Hospital
– Senior General Hospital Association
– National University Hospital Director’s Association
– Private University Medical Worker’s Association
– Korea Mental Hospital Association
– Korean Medical Corporation Association
– Korea University Hospital Association
– The Korea Association of Regional Public Hospital
Related Organizations
– Korea Medical Engineering Association
– Korea Information Technology of Hospital Association
– Korea Hospital Facilities Association
– Korea Hospital Purchase Logistics Association
– Quality Improvement Nurse Society
– Association for the Advancement of Korean Sterilization
– The Korean Hospital Public Relation Association
– Korea Institute of Healthcare Architecture
Hospital Functional Organizations
– Korea Physical Therapy Association
– Hospital Nurses Association
– The Korean Radiological Technologists Association
– Korean Association of Medical Technologists
– The Korean Society of Health-system Pharmacists
– The Korean Dietetic Association
– Medical Insurance Review Nurses Association
– Korean College of Hospital Administrators
– Korean Health Information Management Association
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