“Pre-Special Zone”

YearSpecial ZoneIntroduction
2014Medical Robot Special ZoneIntroducing wearable walking rehabilitation robot that helps the handicapped walk
2015Negative Pressure Isolation ward Model HouseIntroducing products for negative pressure quarantine facilities and practical guidelines such as ward layout
2016ICT Special Theme HallIntroducing surgery, robot surgery and telemedicine using ICT based digital medical technology
2017Rehabilitation Robot Special ZoneIntroducing the latest rehabilitation robots, such as walking training rehabilitation robots, senior rehabilitation training robots
2018Medical AI Special ExhibitionIntroducing medical big data platform applicable to 3 illnesses(cardio-cerebrovasculardisease, dementia, prostate cancer)
2019Digital Healthcare Special ZoneIntroducing personalized illness prediction, diagnosis, treatment software expanded to 8 illnesses and cluod-based, next-generation hospital information system
2020K-quarantine Special ExhibitionIntroducing on-site hospital medical know-how and medical industry quarantine solutions to prepare for pandemics
2021Smart Healthcare Special ZoneIntroducing superior medical technologies, solutions and platforms that can be integrated to into smart hospital