21(WED) ~ 23(FRI), August 2019, COEX, Seoul, KOREA


Organizer competitiveness
The Korean Hospital Association Network, Exhibition Specialist Company ES Group


Since its foundation in 1959, the Korean Hospital Association has been making constant efforts to develop the hospital industry and promote public health. The Korean Hospital Association is a statutory body for medical law that represents 3,635 hospitals nationwide with a total of 674,646 beds.
It is at the heart of a network of all healthcare professional groups and has a variety of hospital-based activities. In order to provide the best medical services, it carries out various education and evaluation such as appointment and management of the majors, education of guidance specialists, and evaluation of hospitals. The Korean Hospital Association is trying to strengthen mutual growth and competitiveness between the hospital staff and the medical industry through K-HOSPITAL FAIR.


The ES Group Exhibition Division is engaged not only in exhibitions and international conventions, but also throughout the exhibition industry, including booth design, IT-based services, and registration system development and operation.
It has the necessary competencies to secure the competitive edge of exhibitors, based on strategic alliances with exhibitors, conventions specialists, excellent partners with expertise in the field, and top-level representatives in the public relations sector. The ES Group Exhibition Division holds the best exhibitions in each field including ‘Kyung Hyang Housing Fair’ the first and largest construction exhibition in Korea, ‘K SHOP’ Korea’s only retail fair, K-PET FAIR Korea’s largest pet fair, ‘Living & Lifestyle’ full-scale lifestyle trend show, etc. The number of times being held is about 40 times a year and the area is 30 times that of the international standard football stadium.



Platform competitiveness

1) Exhibitions directly made by buyers
K-HOSPITAL FAIR is sponsored by Korean Hospital Association representing 3,635 hospitals in Korea from general hospitals to nursing hospitals. Maximize your performance through “Exhibitions directly made by buyers”.

2) B2B exhibition where 80% of the visitors are medical workers
More than 87% of previous visitors to K-HOSPITAL FAIR are medical workers. You can meet the purchasing decision makers from the hospital directors, doctors, and nurses that are barely seen to purchasing and use personnel in one place.

3) 1: 1 matchmaking (BUY MEDICAL support program)
We will create results through 1:1 matchmaking between exhibitors and hospitals with new expansion, relocation with extension, and remodeling plans.

4) Overseas buyer promotion
We operate an overseas buyer matching program for domestic manufacturers to advance into the global market. We invite healthcare workers through collaboration with related organizations in Korea and overseas and provide opportunities for overseas expansion by supporting invitation fee for overseas buyers of participating companies as well.



Content Competitiveness
The largest content in the healthcare industry – professional forums and seminars

During the K-HOSPITAL FAIR event, Korean Hospital Association, regional hospital association, executive board of hospital occupation groups, the professional seminars and the maintenance training will be held. In 2016, we showcased the maximum content in the medical profession with 29 sessions and 118 lectures.

KITHA held the Autumn Conference on “Artificial Intelligence and Medical Big Data”. The fourth industrial revolution in the medical sector it covered has attracted much attention from the industry.

The hospital construction forum hosted by Korea Institute of Healthcare Architecture covered major issues related to infection control in the medical field under the theme of “Architectural Planning Considering Hospital Remodeling and Infection Prevention” and “Improvement of Medical Facilities Standards after MERS”.

In addition, a number of regional and professional organizations such as the Korea Small and Medium Hospital Association, National Hospital Purchasing and Logistics Council, Korea Association of Operating room Nurses, Hospital Nurses Association, Quality Improvement Nurse Society, Korean Association of Infection Control Nurses, Korea Medical Engineering Association, Korea Physical Therapy Association, etc. had professional seminars and maintenance training.