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Welcome Message

In recent years, Korea has been expanding its overseas base not only in Korea but also in all areas of healthcare, from high medical standards to medical information technology using IT, medical equipment and medical facilities, and even construction of hospitals. Also, the government and the medical community are joining forces.

We have been holding “K-HOSPITAL FAIR” since 2014 in order to foster the domestic hospital medical industry and promote overseas advancement. “K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2018” that will be held from 8 to 10 August 2017 for three days will be a very meaningful event to look at the present and future of medical industry in Korea and the development of medical field in advanced foreign countries as well.

This fair is organized by hospital medical personnel and we have done our best to reflect and meet the needs of hospitals and industry as much as possible. In addition, since this is a professional healthcare exhibition hosted by the Hospital Association, we are well prepared to provide more contents and information and meet the needs of the industry. The Hospital Association will do its best to make the fair become the cornerstone of domestic hospital medical industry development, and will develop this exhibition into a solid exhibition where actual purchasing and marketing are realized.

It is hoped that the Hospital Association representing the domestic hospital business will activate the hospital medical industry, promote excellent domestic medical technology to the world, and become a festival venue for coexistence and harmony of hospital industry and medical industry through this fair.

We would like to ask for your interest and participation in this K-HOSPITAL FAIR exhibition and for your continued support and encouragement so that the event can be completed safely. Thank you.





Jeong-Yong Hong, M.D., Ph.D.


Korean Hospital Association